R29 Tells All: How To Master 15 Fall Trends

You’ve mastered the minidress, you’re a wizard of the white tee, and you’re a certified jean genius. Clearly, you’ve got the basics down. But for those of you who are yearning to evolve your fall style, who are suffocating in a sea of striped tees and skinny jeans, get ready — we’ve got something pretty major to show you.
Introducing Trend Tracker — your A-to-Z guide to fall style. We rounded up our most stylin’ R29 editors, and got the scoop on their 15 favorite fall trends, and then styled up four perfect outfits to help you rock each one to perfection, from day to night. Want to wear thigh-high boots to work or patchwork denim on a date? Yeah, we’ve got that covered.
If you’re doing the math, that means there’s over 75 glorious pages of pure fall fashion inspiration coming your way — name another October issue that can beat that! Click on for the next-level style savvy you’ve been waiting for.

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