Our NY Editor’s Closet Is For Sale — Run!

We like to give equal enthusiasm to each and every closet sale we host here on Refinery29, but we have to admit, the excitement around the office definitely seems to ramp up when a fellow R29er's duds are on the market...especially when it's someone like our New York editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg. With a seemingly endless supply of super-chic minis, vintage prints, and covetable leathers, we really never know what Annie's going to wear next...but we can pretty much guarantee that it's going to be killer.
So, when we decided to team up with Cotton to host a massive closet sale of over 50 stunners from Annie's personal collection, we all got a little giddy. Not only can you peep and shop every item, but when you see a happy little cotton icon, you'll know that particular garment is made out of (you guessed it) cotton — meaning it's natural, high-quality, easy to care for, and obviously, completely rad.
Ready to take on the goods? Click through to get a look at some of our favorites, or hop right on over to the sale — trust, you can't click fast enough.