Where To Take The PERFECT Instagram

Call your camera — it's time you had the talk...you have something new, and it's actually the iPhone you're calling from. Photography is becoming less of a way to preserve moments and more of a 'like' generator, so goodbye, old clunky cams! With our lightweight phone-and-camera-inclusive devices all charged up, we're each an Insta-Ansel Adams in the making (or at least that's how we feel). But here in New York, where we're surrounded by some of the world's most spectacular (and gawked at) landmarks, snapping a pic that hasn't already been posted on Instagram five bajillion times is virtually impossible. For that reason, we've scoured the city far and wide to gather some lesser-known spots where you can capture the most likeable 'grams. Use this guide, skip out on the selfies — unless they're immaculate, and you'll be sure to discover some of New York's most photogenic secrets. That perfect Instagram is just a hop (stop) away.