8 Fancy Summer Dresses That’ll Get You Gussied Up In A Snap

With seemingly endless weekend weddings, rooftop soirées, and cocktail parties, there's no shortage of reasons to celebrate in the summer. And with no coats or freezing toes to worry about, we have to say, it's quite a pleasure to get all gussied up.
Sabrina Linnette Diaz and Sinclair Tucker of Found By Vintage know exactly what we mean. They started their New York-based vintage trove in an effort to create “an overflowing collection of sartorial nostalgia” — and trust, it looks as pretty as it sounds.
So, we dipped into Found By's ultra-feminine collection and picked out a few dreamy dresses perfect for summer's most frock-worthy fetes. See the lineup ahead, and make sure to check out Found By's exclusive Shops boutique if you want more — because they've certainly got it.

Photo: Courtesy of Found By Vintage