Shut Open The Front Door! A First Look At Topshop Los Angeles

Well, considering Apple is just a hop, skip, and a jump down The Grove's cobblestone way, it's a good thing security there has already been groomed for the hordes of Topshop fanatics sure to be glamping outside its new, ultra-modern monster of a shop! Opening at 4 p.m. on Valentine's Day (appropriate for those who heart fashion more than humans, right?), we expect this ravenous crowd may just eclipse iPhone 5 addicts — in numbers and, naturally, style.
Don't be jealy, but this morning we zoomed (it's called a California stop, officer!) over to the space for a private glimpse. And, let's just say, upon first glance it felt like we'd shotgunned two Red Bulls. In fact, we're still in a tizzy thinking back on a dainty, periwinkle paisley frock, the perfect pair of brightly printed trousers, and a pleated floor-grazer reminiscent of Valley of the Dolls. Don't even get us started on the crystal shoe tower, a castle of soles fit for a queen — but the best part, on a pauper's budget! To get you just as amped (and your strategic work excuses sorted), here are 12 snaps of the best destination L.A. shopping has seen since Fred Segal. Consider it a little pre-V-Day present from us to you.
Topshop at The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive (at West 3rd Street); 323-900-8080.
Photographed by Brenna Egan