Still Single? This App Could Be Your New Wingwoman!

Sometimes OkCupid doesn't cut it, neither does dragging your BFF to one of the most man-magnetizing spots in town, but that doesn't mean you should give up hope! At the risk of sounding like an iPhone commercial, there's an app for that — straight out of L.A., no less. Sean Rad and Justin Mateen (both of whom are just 26 years old) teamed up to create Tinder, a nifty download that hopes to redefine dating in the digital age.
The new intuitive technology discovers folks within arms reach (ok, more likely within a few blocks!) who would be interested in you. Based on your Facebook profile, the app will eliminate the guesswork that goes into meeting new people, and set you two up — sans all the awkward ice breakers. Added bonus: Tinder is entirely anonymous and private: If you're not feeling someone's vibe you'll never hear from them again. It's that simple. If you do dig the dude (or lady) who's hanging out at the nearby park, "like" him or her, cross your fingers they like you back, and connect over lattes at your fave coffee joint around the corner.
So, if you're tired of waiting for your rom-com moment to happen, turn Siri into your mini-matchmaker and hit up a bustling intersection — just don't forget to charge your phone!
Photo: Via iTunes

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