ASOS To Open Its First Outpost In The U.S.

UPDATE: It seems like the store is in fact, an office. So sorry for unnecessarily raising your blood pressures, ASOS fans. Stay tuned though — with a U.S. branch, comes a U.S. store (hopefully?).
The only thing that could make ASOS even better (you know, something other than its vast inventory, on-trend products, affordable prices, free shipping, and free returns) is a brick-and-mortar store we could visit on our lunch breaks. Well, the future is now, folks.
ASOS is moving off the interwebs, across the Atlantic, and setting up a real-live shop at 142 Greene Street in Soho, NYC. You know how many hours you accidentally while away when visiting Yep — imagine actually setting foot inside a store. If there's any time to leave your boyfriend home on a shopping trip, this should be it (though the men's section should convince him otherwise).
No word on when the store will be open yet, but knowing how quickly ASOS gets your purchases from factory into your hand, we're betting that getting a store into the states should happen way before you expect it. (WWD)