Though You Never Asked For Them, UGGs Headphones Do Exist

You may already know our position on UGG boots. Like, say, fishnet stockings or plutonium, the thick, fuzzy, and, yes, comfortable footwear can be used for good in the right context. Let out into the public sphere haphazardly, however, and they're bound to create a toxic reaction. That's why we're on the fence when it comes to the Australian company's latest offering, UGG headphones. We mean, yes, we imagine they are quite comfortable and would add a nice layer of warmth in the winter months. Moreover, the idea of hiding headphones inside a pair of earmuffs is, honestly, quite cute. But the shearling lining, the thick knit, the fact that they're, y'know, UGGs...for your head. Folks, we just don't know. Dare we? Dare you? (Mashable)
Photo: Courtesy of UGG.

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