Puppies, Unicorns, & Kate Upton — Oh My!

Sometimes, it's best just to point out the obvious. For this video, produced in tandem with the cover shoot of the inaugural CR Fashion Book issue, director Bruce Weber has supermodel/blonde dancing girl Kate Upton hanging out with some baby animals...and a unicorn. Well, not an actual unicorn — just a man in a unicorn suit.
We took a little inventory, for proof. Appearances include: one donkey on a post, one mama goat and four kids, another baby goat (cradled by Kate), aforementioned man in a unicorn suit, one polka-dotted princess skirt, a horse, at least 13 shots of bubbles gliding, three puppies, one sad-looking bulldog, a piglet enveloped in feathers, a baby being watched over by nanny bunnies, fairy-princess-on-unicorn action, and the requisite kids/cleavage contrast.
All in a day at Carine Roitfeld's farm, we suppose. If you can make it through all the whimsy, stick it through to see Kate Upton making duck faces with ducklings. (Hypebeast)

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