We Dare You Not To Dance To This Chanel Iman & Yo Gabba Gabba Video

Have you ever had something happen to you that was so powerful, so all-consuming, and so life-changing that you just knew you would never be the same again? Well, not to be dramatic, but that’s kinda how we felt upon seeing this new Skullcandy video promo.
The rad headphones company has officially solidified its place in our heart with this dance-along featuring Yo Gabba Gabba, along with appreances by Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Stam, and Chanel Iman.
We know, we know. It doesn’t seem like it should work, but it’s one of those unexpected team-ups that just fits. Technically, we may be too old to love Yo Gabba Gabba as much as we do, but we like to think of that “Y7” rating more as a suggestion. If you’re judging us, we urge you to watch the Skullcandy video below and try, just try, to keep from dancing. Yeah. That’s what we thought.

Photo: Courtesy of Skullcandy

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