Rad Or Bad: Bradley Cooper Channels Willy Wonka, Maybe?

Oh-hoh, Bradley Cooper. We see what you did there. We see what you're playing at. You raised the bar. When other Hollywood heartthrobs do the talk-show circuit, they come in a nice pair of jeans or maybe a muted gray suit, but you roll up in eggplant. A risky move, we say, one that both suggests you are confident and maybe just a teensy bit color-blind. (A non-rhetorical question: Does the shirt match? We honestly can't tell. It might not, but is it the lighting?)
Is it possible that, if given a top hat and a cane, you might verge into Willy Wonka territory? Yes. But, dear Mr. Cooper, the swag in which you carry yourself, plus your complete understanding of a well-tailored suit, might pull this one off. At the least, you look like the cutest eggplant we have ever witnessed.

Photo: Harold David S./Splash News