How To Sweat Less: 6 Tips For Staying Drier

Summer is all about al-fresco brunches, frisbee in the park, day-drinking on rooftops, and midnight adventures, which, frankly, are all impossible to enjoy if you're worrying about how you may have completely sweated through your new short-sleeved sweater. When the temperatures are high and you've got stuff to do, it's an inconvenient, uncomfortable, and embarrassing affair to have to deal with pit stains and dripping clothing.
While we can't completely stop you from sweating (that'd require turning you into a robot), we can help you sweat less and make the whole ordeal less noticeable and awkward. Ahead, read up on our beauty and fashion tips to help you stay dryer (without requiring you to sit out on all that summertime fun).
Photo: Courtesy of W

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