Go To The Front Of The Class With Saks Fifth Avenue’s Schoolgirl Chic

Saks Fifth Avenue is our perennial go-to for its encyclopedic selection of designer duds. Even though it carries every style under the sun, we can't help but notice a certain grown-up schoolgirl vibe in its fall offerings. And (lest thoughts of dodgy, too-short Halloween costumes dance in your head) let us assure you: This is a ladylike, super-chic take on the school-day staples we all know and love!
There's the perfect cashmere version of your old varsity sweater, sweet pleated kilts, and shiny new satchels big enough to carry your dolphin-print Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper...or, you know, flats for the commute to work and sneaker wedges (gym class chic!) that will give you a little lift as you are running around town. And because shoe shopping was always our favorite September activity, we've got the best boots and daringly high loafers (way cuter than the Buster Browns and Mary Janes of yore!).
So, sling a book bag over your shoulder, polish up an apple for teacher, and click on to recapture that first-day-of-school feeling!