Surprise! Alexander McQueen Goes (Almost) Sweet For Summer

Okay, we admit the name Alexander McQueen doesn't exactly scream summer. The late designer made his name exploring all manners of the dark side: from chains, spikes, studs, and skulls to a dark, inky color palette best described as Widowed Countess of the Underworld.
That's why we were so surprised to see the latest from McQueen. Peachy suede and coral leather accessories, T-shirts that explode with tulips, diaphanous dresses in powdery pink, and even a white whipstitched version of the designer's iconic box clutch. It's a refreshingly light, fresh take on the classic McQueen look, and we think it's enough to brighten the heart of even the gothiest girl.
Click on for our 10 fave picks that are all sweetness and light — with a few skulls and studs thrown in for good measure, of course.

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