Dream Ticket: La Perla’s Warhol One-Piece is a Work of Art

Oooh baby baby! We've been shaping up for summer now – well, since last summer, really. But no matter how many spin classes or crunches we subject ourselves to, at the end of the day, confidence on the beach really comes from finding the perfect bathing suit.
Enter, La Perla's Warhol one-piece. This printed suit is worthy of a gallery wall, thanks to an inspired pattern that will be the perfect pop of color for any day at the beach.
Plus, this maillot is guaranteed to hold up against any summer swells, covering enough to keep you from worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions but not so much that it'll prevent you from feeling those summer rays (through a good SPF, that is).
The low front and side cutouts prove that this isn't you're grandmother's bathing costume but the high-cut back promises to be ultra flattering, too. Summer lovin', indeed!
La Perla Warhol's Flower Printed Swimsuit, $495, available at Net-a-Porter.