17 Father’s Day Gifts For The Dapper Dad

Don't tell her, but shopping for Mother's Day wasn't too tough. Dad's big day, though? That's a whole other story. An odyssey, even. It's hard work finding a present Pops will actually want (although, probably not on the same level, as, say, the effort he put into teaching us how to ride a bike).
And that's why we started this year's search extra early. We hit the Big Apple's best dude stores, did a lil' online snooping, and consulted our favorite city fathers to compile some CliffNotes—a compendium of 17 cool-dad gifts that definitely doesn't include the weird massage tool from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog.
Our picks run the gamut from classic to fashion forward, so no matter how traditional or cutting edge he is, we promise there's at least one buy here that won't make your old man do the awkward fake-out. We all know that's more of a mom skill.