Happy Feet: 15 Cool Evening Flats Fit For A Comfy Night Out

Don't get us wrong: We're thrilled that the local twenty-four hour drugstore sells folding flats for late-night emergencies. But, sometimes an evening chock-full of boogying demands footwear that allows us to glide effortlessly into the ball, across the dance floor, and to the after party without sacrificing our style (or losing steam due to foot pain).
The good news for you comfort-seeking sisters out there is that there's a neat fashion precedent for pairing flat footwear with even the frilliest of evening garb (thank you, Sofia Coppola). No matter your stature, there's nothing that looks cooler than sauntering into an L.A. shindig (or even a summer wedding) in a luscious cocktail frock paired with fresh fancy flats.
Seriously, even if your four-inchers are your security blanket, when you've maxed out your chiropractic coverage, you'll still be okay. Because the warmer months make rocking heel-less soles a snap. So, slip some on, and see how hot flats can actually feel and look.