The Funnest Weekend Wear We’ve Ever Seen

Let's face it, we all surrender to throwing on leggings or a T-shirt when we're in a rut (or are just plain exhausted). But isn't it times like those when we could really use someone telling us how cool and funny our tee is to put that little pep back in our step? Wowch, the Brooklyn-based clothing line that had us going all "cat lady" last spring, has just released their new lookbook (shot by R29 alum Dan McMahon), and it's everything we could ever want to wear or see when we're feeling blue. With images ranging from cat heads (obviously) on buxom babes to aliens with horses, the collection reminds us of looking at our favorite random Tumblrs. Pugs on knees, cats on tees, smiles on cats — the brand covers just about everything we need to be happy in life (well, almost). Plus, with graphics so great, no one will even notice you're wearing a T-shirt to every event you attend (unless it's, maybe, The Met Gala).
If the sheer fact that it's TGIF isn't enough to put a smile on your face, maybe these goods can help. Click through for our favorites from the lookbook and consider grabbing one for a friend, co-worker, or even just an acquaintance. Because, really, doesn't staring at an awesome graphic on someone else beat smiling like a loon in front of a mirror all day?
Photo: Courtesy of Wowch

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