You’ll Never Guess Who Glamour UK Dubbed “Best Dressed Woman Of 2012”

Okay, so say what you will about Kristen Stewart’s attire arsenal (and believe us, people have) — the Twlight star isn’t exactly known for being a gleaming style specimen. She struts the rogue rug, only to scurry off and slip into a pair of Vans and a hoodie, stat. She’s a creature of comfort. We get it. So, we’re not sure what peeps over at Glamour U.K. were smoking when they dubbed her the "World’s Best Dressed Woman of 2012" — and in April. Say what? She even beat out stylish names like Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. How’s that for a head-scratcher? While the actress definitely wows us from time to time (she can really rock Proenza), we’re not sure we’d go out on a limb and bestow this hefty title upon her. But, hey — that’s us. What do you think of K. Stew’s shiny, new merit? Spot-on or so off? (Daily Mail)

Photo: Via Daily Mail