10 Hot Swimwear Trends To Rock At The Next Music Fest

Music festival season can easily veer from wonderful to disasterous, simply because the mercury rises into unbearable territory, and nature can easily takes its toll on the body and soul. But there is a sartorial solution — all you need to do is escape the festivities for a quick poolside dip in an ever-so-chic swimsuit.
Yes, you may have to strip down from those oh-so-carefully planned oufits, but we're guaranteeing you'll look dope when you do. To get you looking more Slim Aarons swanky than in-the-crowd sweaty, we've identified the ten most fantastic trends to get your aquatic on. We've got great basic bikinis to serve as a blank canvas for crazy accessories, sexy cutout onesies, and high-waisted retro suits that would really make Slim proud. So dive in all you festival-goers!