Just Shoot Me: Three Of The Coolest Photo Apps To Download Now

These days you can't turn a corner without someone chattering about the latest, greatest photo app. Obviously, peeps are abuzz over the glistening, easy-to-use features of frontrunners like Hipstamatic and Instagram. You seriously don't even need a handheld camera anymore to catapult yourself to super-photog status. Just tote around a trusty smartphone and you're good to go. And if you're feeling really snap happy, but want to explore other cool options, listen up.
Here are three great photo apps that will help you style standout photos in the wilds of the web. With these apps, we’re sure you can go from iPhone photo novice to full-on pro, in no time.

Camera Awesome (Free)

Okay, so the name is a little braggy, but we're going to let it go because, well, this app really is awesome. It literally has a single button that you push to “Awesomize” your photo by automatically fixing its color, clarity, and exposure. Beyond that single, decidedly awesome button, the app also offers simple photo rules and advice. You know, the kind that many an art student spend gobs of money to learn.

Camera + (.99 cents)

For less than the cost of a mid-afternoon soda, you can download this app to pump up your iPhone's photos. It allows you to zoom in on those vintage shoes, crop out the lurker in the background of a shot, and, even use an on-screen grid to think through your photo’s composition. After you snap away, you can make touch-ups (and play around with color and exposure in a very addictive way) in the editing suite. Impressive.

CameraSharp ($1.99)

Like the other apps on this list, CameraSharp will help you edit your photos after you shoot, but perhaps the most exciting part of this particular tech-y treat is the freedom it gives you while you're taking the shots. For all of us prone to drinking one too many non-fat lattes and getting a little jittery, the app offers an anti-shake mode that steadies the camera and captures blur-free, blog-worthy images.

Photo: Via Camera Awesome