3 Best: Culver City’s Tastiest Eats

Culver City is known for its gallery scene, and if you're heading to that part of town to get some food for thought, you'll want to also hit up some of the city's best nosh spots. Whether you're going for a morning viewing at Blum and Poe, an afternoon at LAX Art, or a evening stroll at Peres Projects, we highly recommend you pop in to any of these three eateries to fuel up.

1. Tokyo 7-7
Tokyo 7-7 is a little coffee shop wedged between the Cardiff parking structure and the backside of Akasha, with the new Downtown Culver City springing up around it. Unlike some of CC's newer eateries, the prices are super reasonable and you can dig in to one egg, a side of bacon, a side of home fries, and toast for a whopping $2.65 if you order before 11 a.m. For something beyond the classic greasy spoon breakfast, try the Hawaiian Royale, a giant omelet with Portuguese sausage over steamed rice...you won't regret it.

Tokyo 7-7, 3839 Main Street (at Culver Boulevard); 310-204-5728.

2. Tara's Himalayan
You can't throw a rock without hitting a fantastic lunch spot in Culver City, but if you're craving a more exotic experience, Tara's is the perfect spot for unexpected flavors and great lunch specials. A basket of garlic naan, some sizzling chicken sekuwa (citrus marinated kabobs), and a strawberry lassi to wash it all down is the perfect introduction to Nepalese cuisine.

Tara's Himalayan, 10855 Venice Boulevard (between Westwood Boulevard and Spad Place); 310-836-9696

3. Chego
The boys from the famed Kogi truck have outdone themselves at their new brick and mortar establishment, Chego. Each rice bowl comes with a fried egg and some spice; For meat-eaters, the prime rib rice plate is chili rubbed and served with spinach and a roasted garlic Serrano paste. If you feel like going for lighter fare, opt for the wonderful pickles, the charred asparagus, and the $12 salad (which incidentally is only $7). Space is tight, but the communal table is perfect for a group of friends on their way to an art show or for a pre-party meal before you head to two of Culver City's best bars: The Mandrake (where the impressive artisanal cocktails like a greyhound with a sprig of rosemary never disappoint) or a delish cold glass of beer at Father's Office (their selection is one of the city's best).

Chego, 3300 Overland Avenue (at Rose Avenue); 310-287-0337.