Your One-Stop Bikini Shop Has It All, And We've Got The Giveaway

Imagine your job required you to try out, think about, and wear a bikini all the time (and didn't include serving coffee). To be an expert in swimwear might be the world's coolest profession, and we certainly envy Chelsea at The Bikini Fox, a new e-tailer who focuses on small, independent-label suits like Tori Praver and Mara Hoffman. Chelsea says that bikinis, to her, symbolize ultimate peace and happiness (plus a couple great beachy adventures), and after visiting the insanely idyllic Tikehau in Tahiti, she made bikinis her calling.
The Bikini Fox is brimming with perfectly wearable oceanside gear, from surprisingly gorgeous wetsuits to loose, hooded coveralls. Oh, and plenty of bikinis (obvi), ranging in size, price, and, um, coverage. We picked our five favorites from brands like Acacia and Maaji, but all of the suits are pretty rad. Bikini connoisseurs (eek! Doesn't that sound like a phrase from a spring break T-shirt?), be sure to bookmark this site, because well-chosen and always-stocked swim sources certainly are a rare gem.
R29 Giveaway! Head on over to our Facebook page, and comment on this post, telling us about the best vacation you've ever been on. Chelsea will pick her favorite, and if the user also "likes" Bikini Foxes, they can win the featured bikini of their choice!
Photo: Courtesy of The Bikini Fox

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