The Summer of ’89: First Look at Opening Ceremony’s Spring/Summer ’09 Lookbook

There seems to be a odd little timeframe that defines "retro-cool" for whatever year it happens to be. When we were kids, it was all about the '70s. For a while now, it's been about the '80s. But looking over Opening Ceremony's spring/summer 2009 lookbook, the window gets even more specific. With mens' looks that recall both a trim version of old Calvin Klein and the original Ocean Pacific and Benetton styles, and womens' pieces that bring to mind Club MTV, Fly Girls, and Downtown Julie Brown (in a good way), we can say that the next year is all about 1989. So there you have it—with crisp khaki jackets, modified loafers and desert boots, bright floral sundresses straight out of Malibu, and side-corseted black slacks, we know the magic number is 20. No wonder "90210" is back on the air.

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