Up Close & Personal: The Coolest Accessories From NYFW

How many times have you heard the phrase, "it's the little things?" Well, we don't mean to be a broken sound-cloud here, but it's never been truer than during New York Fashion Week, when street style is just as important as the duds on the runway. And what really puts a look over the edge is attention to detail: Shiny grommets, hard-core studs, gold-gold-gold, and, of course, nails to match. We zoomed in on 28 gals and guys whose style game was amazing from H to T and everything in between. And with claws, rams, turtles, and leopard spots accenting these epic ensembles, we can honestly say it was a fashion zoo. Petting encouraged.
Click through for the most awesome detail shots from NYFW and swoon with us.