Light Up Your V-Day With These Lust-Worthy Candles!

Finding the perfect snug scarlet dress, racy lingerie, and straight-from-the-heart present for your S.O. are major V-Day essentials, but creating an intimate ambiance is just as important. After all the Hallmark nonsense is said and done, isn't cuddling up with your loved one what Cupid really had in mind?
To make your room feel properly seductive, there's really only one thing required: candlelight. Not only do candles add just the right amount of twinkle to the boudoir, they fill it with sexily sweet aromas, too. To knock this 14th's festivities outta the park, we've found an array of sassy candles that can be found right here in Lala land. From a chalkboard votive you can scribble naughty notes on to a kinky candle that melts into massage oil, these babies will help you get your groove on in a whole new way!