Drugstore Gift Challenge! Our Editors’ Rx Scores

Uh oh — you've got barely a day to get your act together, gift-wise, and since online shopping isn't an option and fighting other procrastinators in the shops for leftover presents sounds about as appealing as a coal cookie, you're kind of stuck… Unless, of course, you have a Walgreens, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, or CVS nearby. You do? Well, congrats, because those shops stock actually covetable giftables and little trinkets to create some hilarious (and — more importantly — legitimately useful) gift packs you'll be proud to hand over. Check out four of our editors' attempts to put together a themed collection for under $50. Whose loot would you rather receive?

Piera Gelardi, Creative Director — The Little Hell Raiser's Chemistry Set
"For my Little Hell-Raisers Chemistry Kit, I was inspired by my love of kitchen science as a kid and the fact that you could put this together from virtually any drugstore (or grocery shop). I added the Mentos/Diet Coke geyser because I've always wanted to try that one of YouTube fame. I'm not sure if parents would appreciate it, but they can always pass the mints to Junior and keep the rest for themselves!"


Left: Tarp, not included; Right: Turn off the lights and chew the mints hard to see little sparks of light!

A classic.

Left: This might not really count as an experiment, but there's real science behind how this delicious snack gets so dang tasty.; Right: Grow your own rock candy!

Want to create your own Little Hell-Raiser's Chemistry set? Download our chemistry cards here.

Chemistry cards designed by Isabelle Rancier.


Connie Wang, Global Editor — The Embarassing Night At Home Collection
"Like they say, Treat Yo' Self! You're going to want to make sure you tell them that this gift pack is meant to be used solo, because you're not going to want to share all this unattractive indulgence with anyone other than your shadow."


Left: You know what this is actually for...; Right: The outfit for the evening includes a cozy Snuggie and slipper socks.

We can hardly believe we found this clock, either. Since they mew every hour, tell your giftee to enjoy herself for four or five mews...six if they really need the Me, Myself, and I time.

Left: Our in-office guilty-pleasure candy, grandma's favorite chew, Riesen; Right: Ditch those fancy chapsticks and opt for Lip Smackers, just for the night.


Neha Gandhi, Deputy Editor — The White Christmas Kit
"If there's no snow on the ground where you are, it's still possible to have a white Christmas. With pampering products and little indulgences, this gift pack is something that die-hard X-Mas fans would find hilarious and useful."


Left: Don't let hotel rooms be the only time you use a white robe; Right: Who doesn't love a good Bon-Bon?


Whiten where it counts!

Left: Burn, baby — burn!; Right: A pretty shade that's also on-trend.

Lisa Dionisio, Production Editor — The Couch-Potato Princess Pack
"What do they always say? A good gift is one you'd be happy to get yourself. And well, I hate to confess, this gift is totally me. Come noon on December 25, who wouldn't want to wear a snuggly fleece robe, channel surf, and chow down on popcorn and beer — all while chillin' on the amazing Miyashi Massaging pillow? Couch-potato princess, indeed!"


Left: No need to get your butt off the couch to microwave that popcorn; Right: Christmas Day uniform.

The Amazing Miyashi Massaging Pillow…"Erases Away Life's Aches And Pains!"

Snacks on snacks on snacks!

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