Tired Of Spikes And Geodes? Try Sliced Pearls, A New Jewelry Trend

If embroidery floss and raw geodes aren't doing it for you anymore, jewelry-wise, you might like what Jordan Alexander is doing with pearls. After taking her blade to quartz and diamonds (yes, apparently you can slide diamonds), she started cutting delicate pearls in half as well, and placing them in bangles, necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and rings. Dark Tahitian pearls become otherworldly space-scapes, and white, champagne, and gray pearls look like turbulent clouds right before a thunderstorm. This new trend will cost you though: Her 38-piece line will retail for $3,500 for a ring to $11,000 for a silver necklace. Her main line is more affordable though, including a $115 pyrite pearl bracelet, and it's available at a few U.S. outlets including London Jewelers and Marissa Collections in Naples, Florida. (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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