11 New Fall Coats To Buy Now In NYC!

Don't let this freaky Indian Summer trick you—before you know it, walking outside sans scarf or jacket will be like asking for a date with some tissues and a bottle of Vicks Vapor Rub. Believe us, having the sniffles won't exactly get you the winter cuddle buddy you're looking for. So, while we've tried to layer up with long sleeves and tights (last week, when it was you know, like, chilly), it'll soon be time to face the blustery music and start considering these 11 fall and winter jacket options. Streamlined, brightly colored, caped, or textured, here are the cutest cold weather shells fresh off the racks at your favorite NYC boutiques. We can't promise you won't catch a winter chill, but with these options—including must-have fall trends like mohair and blown-up plaid prints—we can assure you that at least your red nose will be well accessorized instantly.