Bow Down To These Kings Of The Street-Style Jungle

Okay, it's pretty obvious that our love for street style is actually more like an obsession, but can you blame us? Street style is like fashion in its natural habitat, out in the wild and on real, living people. So, when we saw photographer Guerre's shots from the (capsule) Women's trade show for the (capsule) x Smartwater Smart Style project (say that 10x fast), our jaws hit the floor, and we knew it was our civic duty to share them with you. These beauties were shot based on the photog's own mantra: That style serves as a study of constructive antagonism. In layman's terms, it means that these women assert their style identity by blending the super-hip with the super-simple to create fresh looks we can't wait to copy. Bold, orange trousers paired with sheer striping, monochromatic-chic, gray-lavender separates, and peep-cut dresses with mixed-pattern accessories help this (capsule) crowd delight us with all the eye-candy we need—for today, at least. From layered up to locked down, check these street inspirations for some fierce autumnal flare.
Photos: Courtesy of BPMW Agency.
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