10 Grooming Tips Even Lazy Guys Can Master

As you may have already guessed, we're really into ourselves—taking care of ourselves, that is. When it comes to finding the most-indulgent body scrub, most-unique soaps, and even artisanal toothbrushes, MiN Apothecary and Atelier is always our go-to shop when we want to pamper ourselves more than a Kardashian on vacation. MiN also has a show-stopping supply of products for men, with everything from old-school straight-razors with boxwood handles to "skin food" that'll keep your complexion perfect before and after you shave. MiN's owner Chad Murawczyk was kind enough to give us the lowdown on what every man needs to know about taking care of himself, as well as the products he just has to have. He says, "Gone are the casual dog days of summer. It's now time to suit up and get back to work with better products on your hair, body, and face." You heard the man—click through and check out Chad's top 10 grooming tips for the guys.
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