Sage Erickson’s Natural Beauty & Self-Care Routine

Sage Erickson is a professional surfer with two first place U.S. Open wins under her belt. She recently participated in the World Surf League’s SLO CAL Open where she placed first. Erickson is also a Shiseido ambassador.
Whether living in California (where she was born and currently resides in Ventura) or Hawaii, the pro athlete knows the importance of balancing a rigorous schedule with self care and sun protection. Follow along as Erickson tells us about how she takes care of her skin, body, and mind over the course of a typical day.
The following was told to R29 and edited for length and clarity.
I wake up around 6:30 a.m. to the natural light outside my windows. To start the day, I like to have coffee in my backyard before checking my flower boxes for any new blooms. Then, I'll come back inside to start my skin-care routine. I wash my face and use my Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Serum because I love a fresh face and it helps me start my day.  
I give my dogs a kiss goodbye and go check the surf at about 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. I love the drive, so if I go out somewhere and the surf isn’t good, I love the adventure of still trying to find the best place for waves that day.  Before I go surfing I use my Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick, because I know I won’t be out there too long and it dries super fast. It’s great for when I surf in the morning because I don’t need as much moisture as later in the day since I’ve already used my Ultimune serum.
I don’t normally eat breakfast, so after I surf I either get a smoothie or go to a healthy cafe or coffee shop. I love to have anything with really-hearty greens, like kale or spinach. After my smoothie, I do emails, check in with my sponsors, and look into different swells to see where I want to travel to surf. I definitely get FOMO when I see other surfers at really cool locations surfing, so I always check that out to see where I want to travel next.
I have a home gym and sauna where I like to stretch out after sending emails. I have an infrared sauna that's been great for my skin because it's extremely detoxing. If I’m going to sit in a hot box for 20 minutes, I really want to feel like it’s doing something for my skin. I’ll use my Ultimune serum again once I get out because my pores are so open and I really feel all of the benefits and amazing ingredients going into my skin.
In the afternoons I generally try to go for another surf. Or, when the surf is bad, I take my dogs for a hike. They need to have a fun time, too! This is also when I put on my Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion because my skin will be drier from the saltwater that morning and I love the moisturizing effect. If I'm going hiking or moving around a lot, I love that it smells great and is resistant to sweat.
I also love the LĀ After Sun Mano'i product from Oshan Essentials that has a cooling effect and is very moisturizing; it's created by a local farmer on Maui where I used to compete for years during the World Championship tour. She grows a lot of what she uses and I really love the holistic aspect of knowing exactly where it’s coming from. Since I get super-chapped lips being in the ocean so much, I love the Oshan Essentials lip balm.
I’ve been into hot yoga lately for my afternoon exercises. Before I did it, I thought it was kind of silly, but then I realized it’s a great way to take an hour to reflect inward and push myself in something that at first was so uncomfortable.
I love going out for dinner in the evenings, especially as a reason to dress up and feel a bit more feminine. That's when I use Shiseido Controlled Chaos Volumizing Mascara; it's perfect for going out, or if I have any meetings before I surf, because it won't stick to my skin or run down my face when I come in. Recently, I’ve also been using the Peep Show shade of the Shiseido matte lipstick. It’s super easy, simple, cute, and it feels like I put myself together when I have it on, which is a nice feeling. I also like to use this texturizing sea salt spray from Eleven Australia, because it smells amazing!
I’m an early-bed person, so my favorite time to really have a routine for skincare is at night. I love anything soothing and calming, like cold cucumbers on my eyes or sheet masks, like this one from Biologique Recherche. I have a lot of pigmentation that that helps, as well as wearing sunscreen during the day.
I use the Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02 Cleanser because it’s super milky and gentle on my skin. Their stuff is seriously so nice, I even buy it in doubles sometimes so I always have a backup. I like the Sweet Cherry Mask from Naturopathica for exfoliating, but I have to be careful about my sun exposure the next day. For that reason, I try to exfoliate once every two weeks, and plan around when the surf will be weak. It makes my skin tingle, so I know it's actually working.
I've been using a great body cream from Eleven Australia. That, combined with my Ultimune and Shiseido makeup, leaves me feeling fresh and feminine with a great beach-y smell that isn't too overpowering. I love to make my own hair masks from avocado and olive oil.
I definitely watch TV before bed. I’d say I try to get into bed by 9 and will probably fall asleep around 10 or 10:30, maybe with a movie still on.
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