Can A Perfume Really Repel Mosquitos?

TikTok has discovered that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume may have an unintentional use: repelling mosquitos. In this episode of Gloss Angeles, Kirbie and Sara explore why this may or may not be true. According to Allure, while a 2015 study did prove that Bombshell may actually be Bombrepel, the amount of perfume required is significantly more than you'd normally spritz on your body, so if your whole gripe with citronella or DEET-based repellents is smelling bad, this may not be the best option either. Sara suggests Kinfield’s Golden Hour DEET-Free Bug Repellent ($22) or the classic Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard ($20) instead.
In more headlines, there are several new launches to get excited about this month, including the 4th-generation microcurrent device from NuFace, the Mini+. The currently sold-out device gets a leg up from Bluetooth technology, allowing for three output modes to reach multiple layers of skin. Beloved hair-care brand K18 gets into the shampoo game, and Summer Fridays announced its foray into color cosmetics with the Sheer Skin Tint, which launched August 16.
Plus, Haus Labs and Urban Decay both launched a similar budge-proof glossy lipstick that reminds us of another product that, at the very least, Lady Gaga is familiar with. Tune into episode 253 to find out more. Shop this episode.
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