Every Complex Character In AMC’s Kevin Can F**k Himself So Far

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
What happens to the typical sitcom wife when she's not around her typical sitcom husband? That's the question at the heart of AMC's new dark comedy, Kevin Can F**k Himself. After decades of playing the supportive spouse at all costs to herself, this sitcom wife is finally breaking out of her traditional roles thanks to this reimagining of the classic TV genre. Alongside her, the entire cast of characters in Kevin Can F**k Himself are getting ready to defy stereotypes.
Inspired by the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait's notorious decision to kill off Kevin's wife (played by Erinn Hayes), Kevin Can F**k Himself champions the typical sitcom wife character, who is too often used to prop up a mediocre leading man. The AMC series begins with a pretty basic sitcom set up: Allison (Emmy-winner Annie Murphy) is a gorgeous, reasonable wife to schlubby man-child named Kevin (Eric Peterson). In the sitcom world where her husband lives, the colors are bright, the laugh track is loud, and practicing beer pong in the middle of the afternoon is a perfectly charming thing for a grown man to do. In Allison's world, however, things are a bit darker. The lights are dimmer, the colors are muted, and Kevin's antics are more infuriating than charming.
As you start your journey into the world of Kevin Can F**k Himself, these are the characters you, and Allison, will meet along the way.

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