19 TV Mystery Shows To Watch Now That Cruel Summer Is Over

Photo: courtesy of Freeform.
Teen shows have taken over TV, from prestige streaming hits like Euphoria and Elite to Freeform's current critical darling Cruel Summer. The daring mystery from producer Jessica Biel and showrunner Tia Napolitano has become one of our televisual obsessions, but with only two episodes left you might be worried about having a twisty, thoughtful, and addictive teen show hole in your viewing life. Have no fear, we're here to present you with 19 must watch series that feel like tonal and thematic siblings to Cruel Summer
Dealing with dark topics like homophobia, abuse, grooming, and victim-blaming is no easy feat, but Cruel Summer isn't the only show that's been attempting to do just that. Our picks include an unexpectedly deep gender-swapped Lord of the Flies reimagining that's more interested in the hell of being a teenage girl than it is with the nature of being trapped on a desert island. There's also the seemingly broad comedy of some like the story of a boy who is accused of drawing dicks all over his school that's actually a searing and empathetic look at being a teen in America. 
One of Cruel Summer's other great strengths is its compassionate but real representation of teen life. There's plenty more where that came from, with some other period teen shows that are more in the comedic vein, and authentic coming of age dramas featuring inclusive casts. Don't worry, though, as if it's Cruel Summer's central mystery that has really been speaking to you then we've got some intriguing puzzle boxes for you to explore too. 

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