The Bloody Sexy Guide To Where We Left Off With Every Elite Character

Here are three little words that should make anyone’s heart sing: Elite. Is. Back. Yes, after almost exactly a full year off of our screens, Netflix’s sexiest teen show is set to return for its second season on Friday, September 6. That means more intrigue and more wildly expensive looking teen parties are ahead. 
It also means you may just be confused when you stumble back into the world of Las Encinas, particularly after Elite’s shocking season 1 finale ending. Thanks to its DNA as Gossip Girl-meets Big Little Lies-meets Cruel Intentions this is a show meant to keep you guessing. Come season 2, you’ll likely be wondering who’s really friends with whom, why everyone is lying to each other, and who exactly killed Marina (María Pedraza) last year.
Thankfully, we made a full recap of everything you need to remember about Elite season 1 for the Spanish-language drama’s 2019 run. Keep reading to remember who Las Encinas’ resident murderer is, why they did it, every dirty secret each student is hiding, and why one watch is the key to everything. 
Since this guide is a character-by-character map of Elite, there’s no way you’ll miss a single detail. Lu (Danna Poala) would be proud.

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