All The Questions We Have About Netflix's Elite Season 2

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Rejoice, for Elite has officially been renewed for season 2. Netflix confirmed the very buzzy, very deadly teen soap will return for round two less than two weeks after the Spanish-language series debuted at the beginning of October. Elite’s eight-episode second season will arrive in 2019.
With the new year now in full swing, Netflix has also confirmed the original teen cast — save for the ill-fated Marina (María Pedraza) — is set to return for season 2 and they'll be joined by some new faces. Young actors Jorge Lopez, Georgina Amorós, and Claudia Salas will all be joining the deadly proceedings for round two as well.
And that's all we know about the future of Netflix's twisty Big Little Lies-Gossip Girl mashup. That means we’re left with a lot of questions. Of course fans are wondering how Elite will pick up after solving its biggest mystery — who killed Marina?! — and leaving hero Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) pondering all of his life choices on that dock in the season 1 finale.
But, those are obvious conundrums. With all the machinations and antics of Elite, there are some much weirder and gnarlier plot threads to return to in the Las Encinas world next year. To know what we’re talking about, keep reading for all the biggest questions Elite season 2 needs to answer.
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Who are the newbies?

We have no idea who Jorge Lopez, Georgina Amorós, and Claudia Salas will be playing other than the fact their characters are all Las Encinas students. Considering this is Elite, it's safe to assume they're all harboring dark motives or even darker secrets. Just look at the ominous video that announces their imminent arrival on our television screens.

Unfortunately, we'll likely have to wait until Elite returns to figure out what specific kind of sexy teen treachery is afoot.
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Will Omar end up engaged?

It’s easy to feel hopeful for everyone’s favorite Elite couple, Ander (Arón Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso), aka Omander, by the end of season 1. Both halves of the couple have said “I love you.” Ander is already showing up at Omar’s store during the 15-minutes his father Yusef (Abdelatif Hwidar) isn’t there. Ander’s mom Azucena (Elisabet Gelabert) knows about the relationship and approves.

But, before you start planning that sure-to-be adorable wedding, remember Omar’s dad is cooking up some very upsetting nuptials of his own. After Azucena accidentally outs Omar, Yusef returns home to yell homophobic demands and threats at his son. Omar is forced to lie and say he isn’t gay.

To battle these “rumors,” Yusef decides Omar will meet with a possible candidate for an arranged marriage, a local girl named Zahira, whom viewers never meet. If Zahira doesn’t work out, “then another,” Yusef announces.

Omar could very easily spend Elite season 2 engaged to a woman.
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Where is Nadia’s sister?

A big reason for Yusef’s paranoia over his children is the disappearance of Nadia (Mina El Hammani) and Omar’s older sister, who left the family after getting into the partying lifestyle. So much is said about the pair's oldest sibling — when are we finally going to meet her?

(Let’s hope she's not pulled back into the family orbit for an Omar wedding).
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What actually happened after Samuel saw Marina’s body?

The meat of “Episode 8” explains nearly everything about the night Marina died. She did nearly call off her plan to run away with Nano (Jaime Lorente). She was murdered by an enraged, desperate Polo (Álvaro Rico). Nano did flee the murder scene, but wasn’t actually the culprit.

Only one question remains: how did Samuel end up covered in Marina's blood? In the finale flashback, we learn Samuel saw Nano leave the pool room. Then Samuel noticed Marina’s body, which was yards away from him. The next scene, a flash forward, then shows Samuel standing in the exact same place where he first saw Marina’s body, but now he is drenched in her blood. Police are rightly suspicious.

Clearly, something happened between these two scenes — what was it?
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What shady documents are on the watch?

Somehow, all the death and drama of Elite comes down to a single watch holding secret documents about the business dealings of Carla (Ester Expósito) and Marina’s respective fathers (Rubén Martinez and Ramón Esquinas). Although everyone yells about how dangerous the information on the watch could be, and Polo kills Marina to retrieve the accessory, no one spills what exactly the papers reveal.

Considering the fact that Marina’s father’s first shady business arrangement essentially caused the events of Elite — he built the public school that collapsed, forcing Samuel, Christian, and Nadia to attend Las Encinas — it’s likely whatever plans are hiding on that watch drive will cause another local catastrophe.
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What is the true state of the Christian-Carla-Polo throuple?

Polo kills Marina for Carla, which hypothetically should reunite the ruined long-term couple. Carla even helps Polo figure out his alibi and coaches him through Marina’s funeral, eventually giving him a tender kiss on the cheek. But Carla tells her ex they are no longer together, leaving Polo heartbroken.

Earlier at the dance, Carla promises working class Christian (Miguel Herrán) he can be one of the elite if he stays quiet about the true details of the murder (therefore ensuring no one will start asking questions about Polo’s motive, leading them to the watch). Christian seemingly agrees to Carla's dark request and walks away from Samuel in the finale.

This is a powder keg of intrigue, with Carla at the center. Will she end up with either of these men? Or, is she manipulating them both for her own well-being? When will one of them inevitably turn on her?
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How will Polo explain his shaky alibi?

Yes, Nano is arrested for Marina’s murder. But Polo’s alibi couldn’t be worse. Especially since, as he points out, the cameras from his house prove he completely lied about the timing of when he got home. If police look into Polo’s story at all, he’s ruined.
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Will anyone get to go to Florida?

A lot of the original tension between the Las Encinas veterans and the new kids is over who the top student will be: Lu (Danna Paola) or Nadia? Due to Lu’s suspension and Nadia getting dragged out of her fancy high school by her dad, the honor went to Marina of all people.

While bragging rights are all well and good, the real appeal of winning the No. 1 student title is the chance to go to school the following year in Florida. So, with Lu suspended and Marina murdered, does Nadia get to head to the sunshine state? She does seem to be determined to return to Las Encinas, no strings attached, in her final scene of season 1. That could hypothetically put her back in the running for Florida.

Or, will one of the background students of Las Encinas get to take Marina’s place?
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Seriously, how old is Nano?

Nano (Jaime Lorente) seems like an established career criminal… but is best friends with 16-year-old Christian and impregnated 16-year-old Marina.

Elite, please tell us, how old this man is.

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