Alert: Netflix Has A New Show That Is A Mix Of Gossip Girl & Big Little Lies

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Very few things can make waiting for an extremely delayed subway train in the middle of a sweaty, rainy July morning bearable. But one thing did just that: news of Netflix’s next teen drama, Élite.
The newly released first-look at the upcoming young adult romp not only promises Élite will serve up the kind of prep school realness we haven’t seen since Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) walked the halls of Constance Billard School for Girls, but, it will also breath the same soapy, sexy, rarified air. The series, which drops sometime this fall, is billed as “Gossip Girl meets Big Little Lies.”
The description seems appropriate, as Élite will follow the drama of fictional Spanish school Las Encinas, where the richest of the rich send their children (yes, Élite will be in Spanish; yes you should give subtitles a chance). But, tensions rise as three working class teens enter the hallowed halls of Las Encinas after their own school was destroyed by a hurricane. Like Riverdale and Big Little Lies before it, those tensions will build until someone ends up murdered.
The trick of Élite will be figuring out the identity of the killer amid all the preppy uniforms and teen angst. Sign me up.
Thankfully, we’ll continue to see the Big Little Lies effect continue on Netflix past the debut of Élite. Kathryn Newton, who played Madeline Martha Mackenzie’s (Reese Witherspoons) delightfully rebellious daughter Abigail, will star in another addictive-sounding young adult series on the streaming service. Newton has been tapped to star in an as-yet-untitled modern take on Lord Of The Flies as Allie, the leader of a group of ill-fated teens. There are no well-fated teens on Netflix.
This time around, the chaos will unfold in a creepy, parent-free recreation of the New England teenagers’ wealthy town, rather than an uninhabited island filled with British boys. It will be Allie's job to help her fellow teenagers figure out how to survive, unravel the mystery of their parents' disappearance, and maybe, just maybe, find their way home. The 10-episode adaptation doesn’t have a premiere date yet. But, at least we know girls will be in charge in this reboot.
Madeline would be proud.
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