Your X-Rated Horoscope For 2021 Is Here


Sex in 2021 will hit different now that we’re officially in the Age of Aquarius. Things are about to get groovy, baby. Aquarius energy is all about doing things our own unique way, so all zodiac signs will notice that 2021 is a year that encourages us to explore our sexual kinks and unorthodox desires. It’s likely that we’ll be seeking out sexual mates who aren’t afraid of exploration, and who don’t mind a bit of roughness around the edges. Transparency and honest communication will feel sexy AF with key power planets in Air signs, so while last year we may have found that our sex lives weren’t as consistently poppin’ as they could’ve been, this year our levels of sexual satisfaction are directly correlated to our ability to directly and openly ask for what we want. The flow of communication is improving, and bomb sex will feel more accessible. 
Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, ends its five-month retrograde and stations direct in Taurus on January 14, and Mars, the Planet of Action, which also rules sex and attraction, will also be in sensual Taurus for six weeks starting January 6. The sex we have as the year kicks off will feel physical intensity. We’ll want to feel consumed, but not controlled, by our partners. Having sex outdoors or in the middle of baking a cake will feel equally stimulating to us, and the more surprising the positions, the better. Once the astrological new year officially kicks off during Aries Season March 21, we’ll find that our horniness levels and sexual stamina rapidly increase. We’ll be more focused on having sex just for the experience rather than make a huge deal out of what it all “means”. But by the Scorpio Full Moon one month later, on April 26, we’ll feel quite differently and will be craving soul-stirring mergers with beings that leave us panting with desire. Sex may feel extra mystical around this time, and we’ll have to be quite careful about using protection, because Scorpio rules reproduction and that full moon can lead to an uptick in pregnancies. 
During retrograde season in the summer of 2021, sex with an ex is quite likely, and the more we try to resist it, the stronger the urge becomes. Unfinished business could lead to a climax of sexual tension combusting during Mars’ transit in Cancer from April 23 to June 11 — fertility is also at its peak when Mars is in Cancer, so take care if you’re not yet ready to expand the fam. Jupiter’s retrograde in Pisces, then Aquarius, from June 20 to October 18 is ideal for exploring tantric sex and exploring more elaborate foreplay rituals with ourselves and our lover(s). Be inspired by erotic films, exchange sexual imagery with each other’s consent, and slow down when lovemaking in order to tap into more existential realms of sex. 
Life will feel super dreamy this summer due to Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces influencing us to think less and feel more. We may let our bodies and souls be our principal guides when it comes to who we have sex with, and if we’re in a committed relationship, making love will feel like a deeply intoxicating way to get to know more of each other through becoming intertwined, in every sense. Scorpio Season 2021 is one for the books. With Mars, the Planet of Action, in Scorpio starting October 30, followed by a sensual Scorpio New Moon on November 4, we’ll collectively be feeling more mysterious, daring, and naughty as the year rounds out, and this encourages us to experiment and go deeper, harder, and further than usual, on both a sexual and soulful level. If we end the year having manifested a threesome or vivid BDSM fantasy, we can chalk it up to the freaky Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 19, completely amping up our sexual stamina as the year ends. 
Dossé-Via is a West African astrologer with 15 years of experience and the founder of

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