Duchess Camilla Apparently Indulges In The Crown Even After Living Its Real-Life Drama

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The new season of The Crown finally touches on the stormy origins of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship, beginning with their unconventional meet-cute in the halls of the Spencer estate. Knowing what we know about the trajectory of that marriage, this season of The Crown might be difficult for many to stomach — but the drama allegedly isn’t too much for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to tune into, even though she lived through it herself.
Season 4 of the Netflix original series does a deep dive into the courtship between Charles and Diana, a mismatched pair who no one really saw coming; Diana was a free-spirited teenager, and Charles was the cagey prince who had eyes for her older sister. However, a chance meeting in Diana’s family home brought them together, resulting in one of the most celebrated weddings in modern history. As we know, the early days of their flirtation soon give way to heartache as the burden of family expectations took its toll on their relationship. As time passed by, the pair became spouses in name and duty only, with Charles reconnecting with his first love Camilla (played by Emerald Fennell).
As uncomfortable as it is for us to watch the love triangle between the three play out onscreen, there are some members of The Firm who aren’t as bothered by the tea being spilled in the show, including Camila herself. A source close to the Duchess told Vanity Fair that she has every intention of checking out this season of The Crown.
“I imagine she’ll be tuning in with a glass of red wine to watch it [because] she has seen the previous series,” the source, a friend of the royal, mused. “She has a wonderful sense of humor, and this won’t fuss her in the slightest.”
“She has watched it, of course she has, and I believe [Charles] has too,” added the source. “I don’t think she has any real issue with it. Her feeling is very much never complain, never explain.”
Camilla's supposed peace about her personal life being so dissected on television might come from the fact that it was so hard earned. (Although another source claims that the senior royals are less than pleased with the portrayals.) The Duchess was famously outcast by the Royal Family following Charles and Diana's divorce, and it took years for her to be accepted by Queen Elizabeth. Now that everyone is on good terms, watching the (slightly) fictional account should be a breeze. At least for her — older Black women around the world are still pissed.
Season four of The Crown is is now available for streaming, only on Netflix.

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