Did Tayshia & Brendan’s Date Just Make Me Believe In The Bachelorette Again?

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Tayshia Adams is officially on her Bachelorette adventure now, and she's already built what seems to be a genuine connection with contestant Brendan Morais. The two bonded over having previously been married and divorced, and the realization of their shared history came from a totally organic conversation. What a refreshing concept for this show!
Unlike when Clare Crawley was the Bachelorette and contestants had literal months to Google everything about her life during the pandemic hiatus, the men had no idea that Tayshia would be their replacement Bachelorette. Unless they happened to catch her time on Colton's Bachelor season or her Bachelor in Paradise stint, they'd really know nothing about her. 
For instance, on their one-on-one date, Brendan fretted over needing to tell Tayshia about his previous marriage. "Not everyone wants to be with someone who's already been married," he said in a confessional. Tayshia previously mentioned having a similar fear over opening up to these men about her own divorce. So it was kismet (read: probable producer interference) that her first one-on-one date just happened to be with someone who could totally understand what she's been through. "We can really relate on that level. Not that I'm glad you went through that, but I can breathe a little bit," Brendan said after Tayshia opened up. He added, "Cheers to being exactly where we should be."
Not only did the duo connect over their divorces, they also both really want to be parents. That's part of why Brendan's previous marriage didn't work out — he wanted to be a dad, and his ex didn't want to have kids. Not so for Tayshia, who boldly announced she wants five. After they kissed and watched a fireworks show, Tayshia mused about how much she already likes Brendan. "Kissing Brendan feels like I'm kissing my person. I feel really connected to him," she said. "I feel like I could marry him, which is so bizarre. I don't even think I've felt this way ever."
This whole date has some Dale 2.0 vibes to it, but the circumstances are very different. Although Clare has sworn up and down that she and Dale didn't talk prior to appearing on the show, she did have the luxury of checking out her contestants on social media and getting to know them. Tayshia and Brendan's connection is more organic, because they both knew nothing about one another going into this date. They may not have been that vulnerable with each other if they'd already learned the details of their past online. It's almost, like, a real date! 
After so many episodes of Clare beelining for all things Dale based on what she knew about him outside of the show, it was nice just to watch some old-fashioned blind date bonding on Tayshia's season. More of this please!

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