One Bachelorette Bro Just Learned That You Have To Take An Interest In The Woman You’re Dating

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Brandon Goss had hoped to redeem himself with Bachelorette Clare Crawley after what he felt was not the best first impression. But his second conversation went south quickly, and Clare ended up sending Brandon home on The Bachelorette. His big mistake was revealing that he didn't know anything about her. Like, not a damn thing. And Clare was rightfully offended. The guy didn't even bother to Google her name during the last several months of quarantine.
Because of the hiatus in filming, the Bachelorette contestants had the luxury to research everything they wanted to know about Clare ahead of time — or at least, I don't know, look up a single thing. It would have been easy for them to find clips of her standing up for herself on The Bachelor or even just take a quick scroll through her Instagram to get the broad strokes. Brandon apparently couldn't have been bothered. At least we definitely know they didn't talk on social media before the season started like she did with Blake Moynes.
Brandon further stepped in it, because he initially told Clare that he came on the show for those ineffable right reasons. "When I found out that you were the Bachelorette, I just knew I had to be here," he said. Clare wanted to know exactly what it was about her that Brandon found appealing. He twice answered something about her looks. The other contestants had mentioned liking Clare for her drive and her backstory, or, you know, anything that didn't have to do with just what they could see with their eyes. Brandon tried to explain that he may not know her, but he knew she was feeling it with him. "Um I actually don't feel that way," Clare responded. She decided that she would rather spend her energy on the guys who truly seemed to be there for her, so she sent Brandon home. Right then and there.
"I know what I'm looking for. I'm here having in-depth, deep, heartfelt, sincere conversations … and Brandon can't even think of one thing that he likes about me. Like why are you here?" Clare said later that evening. Well, now he's not there, because Clare decided that the superficial wasn't gonna cut it with this relationship when there were men there with whom she could have the whole package.
Clare's been in the dating game long enough to know what is and isn't going to work for her, and she's shown time and again that she's unafraid of putting herself and her search for love first. Brandon got in the way of that, and so he had to go. Sorry not sorry, man. Next time, do a Google search.

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