Clare Literally Burned Her Last Connection To Juan Pablo On The Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Clare Crawley left Juan Pablo Galavis in the dust years ago when she told him off during the last rose ceremony on The Bachelor in 2014. But she held onto one part of that past: her teal, beaded finale dress. But during the second episode of her Bachelorette season, Clare burned that Bachelor dress. Literally. She threw the shimmery gown directly into a pit of fire.
"[Juan Pablo's finale was] one of the most difficult moments that I've had to face in my life, but I've gone through the healing and this dress honestly means nothing to me," she said on Tuesday night while on a one-on-one date with former NFL player Jason Foster. He jokingly suggested that he and Clare burn the dress together. And then Clare just... did it.
Prior to this moment, Clare had said on Instagram that she'd kept the dress (below) because it was hand-beaded by the show's stylist, but also because it represented a significant moment in her life. What better way to mark that significance than to literally burn the dress to the ground? (No word on how the show's stylist feels about this garment sacrifice.)
What might be most shocking about the fiery moment is that it came at the end of an already very intense date, on which Clare and Jason discussed their insecurities, failed relationships, darkest family memories, and wrote letters to their younger selves that were more real than most people get with their therapists. Why wouldn't Clare also set a personal memento aflame after that?
I'm still distracted by the fact that a dress with that much detailing probably isn't the safest thing to burn in a campfire, but it's all about the metaphor, okay? The dress is gone and so is Juan Pablo... at least as far as this show is concerned.

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