CLC Play 29 Questions & Spill Their Hidden Talents

There's this idea that with success and power comes loneliness, especially for empowered women. Many of us are are scared into believing that being a boss means sacrificing relationships and feelings. Korean girl group CLC, however, don't buy it.
In their newest single, "Helicopter," the septet are confident that they can continue to succeed by being exactly who they are and by keeping their strong support systems close. And in true CLC form, the women are encouraging other women to reach new heights.
"We won't be lonely at the top," CLC says confidently.
Since their debut in 2015, Seungyeon, Seunghee, Yujin, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, and Eunbin have proved to be a K-pop girl group with a uniquely fierce spirit. From the sultry "Black Dress" to the unbothered "No" and "Me," the group is constantly preaching self-love and self-acceptance no matter the obstacles. And in an industry where following convention is expected, CLC like to be subversive — from declaring they they're going to ditch their makeup and high heels (Or not! Whatever!), to twerking it out to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP."
Take CLC rapper and vocalist Yeeun's verse in "Helicopter," which was also released in English: "I go up in the sky, all I need are my ride-or-dies / We roll, never stop, on our way to the top / Looking down on all of these lights / I had all these doubts, but I went and kicked 'em out /And I made lemonade out of these lemons in my mouth." If they're going to succeed, they're doing it on their own terms. Why subscribe to the rules when you have the tools and the confidence to write your own?
To herald the release of their most recent single, CLC spilled everything from how they've changed over the years and the skincare steps they never skip to touching moments they've shared with their fans, called Cheshire.
"Just like our song 'Helicopter,' the way up is always challenging, anxious, and frightening," says vocalist, rapper, and youngest member Eunbin. "If we get through this trembling process well, we will all be able to get to our goals."

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