Why Everyone Thinks Selena Gomez Shaved Her Head

Photo: Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic.
When it comes to quarantine hair transformations in Hollywood, the limit does not exist. From mullets to pixies and every shade of pink in between, it's easy to believe that a celebrity has cut or dyed their hair in isolation — even without the typical paparazzi shots outside of Nine Zero One Salon to prove it.
But we'd like to offer a case for not taking every hair makeover you see or hear as fact: Selena Gomez, who is currently trending on Google based on rumors that she shaved her head.
A Twitter fan account for the singer posted a seemingly-real image of Gomez rocking a buzzcut, along with another photo of hair on the floor alongside clippers and scissors. "@SelenaGomez shared her new look on her Instagram story," wrote the account. Fans went into a frenzy, and the tweet has generated nearly 6,000 retweets and 50,000 likes. Many people are wondering if these photos are the real deal — and we're here to tell you the answer, which is straightforwardly no.
Shortly after going viral, the same account informed everyone that the photos were faked. "Guys it's a joke Selena didn't shave her hair," the account tweeted. Upon our research, the Photoshopped image was actually based on a look Gomez wore to the Cannes Film Festival last May — with her lush, brunette hair still very much on top of her head and swirled into an updo. Case closed.
Most recently, the singer gave an update from her life in quarantine, walking viewers through her home and personal self-care routine as a part of Instagram's #TakeABreak initiative. She also showed off her natural curls in another post while testing out products from her upcoming makeup brand, Rare Beauty.
But, that's not to say that Gomez won't decide to try out an entirely new hair look while stuck at home. It can be tempting, as many celebs have already proven, and even more so when your fans show you just how good it could look.

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