The Couple Who Wins Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart May Not Be Who You Think

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The competition is officially down to three couples, one of whom will win Listen to Your Heart in the May 18 finale. And because this show is about finding the couple with the most talent who also has a great connection, no one is safe just because they're falling in love or just because they're good at singing. The winning couple needs both to succeed.
Natascha Bessez and Ryan Neal found that out the hard way on the May 11 episode, when the two of them were sent home by the judges for not being in sync musically. The two had a lot of chemistry as a couple, but they botched their performance of an Ed Sheeran number and were sent packing. 
The finale is going to be filled with stiff competition both talent-wise and love connection-wise, so here's how each duo could fare.

Rudi and Matt

Rudi (just Rudi) and Matt Ranaudo have amazing performance chemistry. Their rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's "Shallow" blew the judges away during week 5. But on the relationship front, they're definitely in last place. On the May 11 episode, Rudi told Matt that she was falling for him (not even "falling in love" just "falling") and his response was lackluster. "You're very courageous for speaking your truth and I appreciate you for doing that," he replied. Rudi was clearly upset that he didn't communicate back that he was also falling for her.
The duo has chemistry, it's just building at a much slower rate than the other two couples. So no matter how talented they are, if they can't get there on the love level in the next week before the finale, they probably won't win.

Chris and Bri

Since week 1, Chris Watson and Bri Stauss have been in sync romantically. They were the first couple to say that they loved each other, and they've proven that they can have deep conversations about life, love, and loss. Their connection seems to be real, which is the feedback they constantly get from the judges. On May 11, things were no different. Lauren Luyendyk praised them for being "cute" and "adorable," while her husband Arie said he could see Bri's love coming out of her eyes. Guest judge Patrick Monahan praised them for being a "beautiful couple," but he also pointed out that things were a little wonky in the start of their performance. 
That's why the two of them were on the chopping block with Natascha and Ryan — because their musical talent wasn't matching up as much with their personal chemistry. We have seen Bri and Chris rock things on both levels (their rendition of Taylor Swift's "Lover" was excellent), so there's a chance they can get back in sync musically in time for the finale. But, if not, that will be their downfall.

Trevor and Jamie 

Right now, things are looking pretty rosy for Trevor Holmes and Jamie Gabrielle. The two admitted to falling in love with each other before their most recent performance, and they credited their ability to open up in the song to their vulnerability off stage. Guest judge Ashley Simpson said their love felt "natural" and Lauren and Arie called them playful and goofy. Lauren said that she has a lot of that fun in her own relationship and said that it boded well for Trevor and Jamie that they had that same easy, playful nature between them. Even Jamie's nerves, which threaten to derail her performances every week, didn't get in the way. Patrick felt that it made things even more "real and beautiful" that he could sense her nerves but that she worked through them with Trevor's help.
If Trevor and Jamie can stay on track through to the finale, they have the best shot at winning. But Jamie does get very nervous before she sings and if she unravels too much, not even their growing love will be able to save them.
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