This Is Who’s Still On Listen To Your Heart — & Who They’re Coupled Up With

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Warning: Spoilers are ahead.
Like on Bachelor in Paradise, to avoid elimination on Listen to Your Heart, you need to be in a couple. Each week either the men or the women will be in control of the roses and whoever is left standing without one goes home.
Even after just one episode of Listen to Your Heart, contestants are finding love connections. It's early, but there are several legitimate pairs already formed. However, some "couples" who survived the rose ceremony together seem more like friends than anything else. We get it; it's early on in the process. It's hard to find a spark that fast.
Because not everyone had totally coupled up in episode 1, that first rose ceremony includes some wild card decisions that saved a few (controversial) contestants and sent most of the people who got no camera time packing. In that eliminated group were a whopping four men. Brutal.
As the season continues, things only get tougher. Couples will solidify relationships or find themselves without a love connection — while a few contestants will struggle to choose between multiple potential romances. This show is already rife with love triangles, so it's only going get to more heated from here.
Here's where all the couples stand now.
Refinery29 will update this article throughout the season as the couples change and contestants go home.

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