Yes, Every Cast Member From New Bachelor Show Listen To Your Heart Is On Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The newest Bachelor franchise series didn't cast anyone from any previous seasons, so we're about to entire a brand new world, ful of new faces. Still, it won't be long before fans' know all their names and voices and digging through Instagram to find all the Listen to Your Heart cast members.
The premise of this show is to find love and fame, and so for once, the contestants can be open about wanting to go on the show in part to grow a brand, start influencing, and rake in that spon-con cash. Some of them have already started posting ads — like one contestant who was previously on American Idol and already has a pretty big online following.
Social media can't really be the window into a person's soul, because it's so curated. But it does help to show what someone wants to share with the world. In the case of these contestants, most of them want to share their musical talents, but others also share their hobbies, style choices, and love for their respective hometowns. Okay... they're mostly sharing the music.

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