There’s Still Hope For Rudi & Matt After That Dramatic Listen To Your Heart Promo

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There do seem to be several budding long-lasting couples on Listen to Your Heart, but Matt Ranaudo and Rudi (just Rudi) may not be one of them. Perhaps they're just hiding spoilers super well, but they seem to be more of friends than anything romantic. That may line up with the promo for Listen To Your Heart week 5, which shows them under a bit of strain.
In the promo, Matt says, "This whole thing has been an emotional roller coaster." Meanwhile, Rudi can be seen sobbing and saying, "If he doesn’t see a potential with me, I'm wasting my time. I'm freaking out." All promos have to be taken with a grain of salt, but things do seem to get a little rocky for them next week.
However, up until now, they've been pretty solidly building their relationship each week. After a stumble in the beginning (Matt asked Mel Taevin on a date instead of Rudi), they've been getting closer all the time. And while the judges commented last week that they seemed like they were having fun, but not much else — this week judge Rachel Lindsay complimented them on their great chemistry.
There's definitely potential for these two to work out, but let's see what Instagram sleuthing can tell us.
For one, they definitely seem to at least be friends. They follow each other and pretty frequently like each other's photos. Matt mostly sticks to liking Rudi's posts of her singing or talking about the show, but he's clicked "like" on some of her semi-thirst-trap selfies too. Rudi has liked several of Matt's posts, including a photo of him sans shirt. But she also liked a photo of his date with Mel, so that's a little confusing.
They've both also posted behind-the-scenes photos of themselves taken during filming. Rudi captioned this cuddly shot, "Holding onto his arm like my life depended on it" and added a laughing-crying emoji, lest we take this as a definitive spoiler.
Despite performing together twice now, neither of them has really said anything overly romantic or heartfelt about one another on social media. The most they've done is come up with the hashtag #TeamMudi (pronounced "moody") for their couple name. That's pretty cute in its own way, but could just as easily be a sign of their solid friendship.
Basically, the jury is still out on these two. They've had their volatile moments on the show, but they've also proven that they can work through them. If next week is a struggle for them, maybe they can bounce back in time for the finale. If not, at least they seem to be supportive of one another on social media, which is certainly better than nothing for #TeamMudi fans.

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