The First Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart Scandal Is Here — Let’s Dig In

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Warning: Spoilers are ahead.
Things are already getting dramatic on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, and we've only made it through night one. After landing herself in a love triangle within the first 20 minutes of the premiere, Nashville singer Jamie Gabrielle dumped John Mayer wannabe Ryan Neal and instead chose to give Trevor Holmes her rose. Unfortunately for Jamie, it's already looking like she may regret it: rumors about Trevor cheating on his ex-girlfriend pop up in the promo for Listen to Your Heart episode 2. A new contestant enters the mansion and not only does she recognize Trevor, but she's got a bone to pick with him, too.
"I actually know Trevor because I’m friends with his ex," week 2 contestant Natascha Bessez says in the promo, before later confronting Trevor. "The lying and the cheating — are you gonna tell Jamie?" she asks. Yikes. We've only been here for a day, people.
Because it's a promo, we don't see Trevor's answer, but in a previously released Listen To Your Heart trailer, he wasn't so quiet. In that preview, Natascha asked, "The lying and the cheating — did that happen?" Trevor responded, "I told you, there was some emotional cheating." It's worth noting that the "there was some emotional cheating" part is a voiceover and not shown coming directly out of Trevor's mouth, so it should be taken with a grain of salt until we get the full story.
However, if there was emotional cheating in a past relationship, that could really hurt Jamie. She revealed in the promo that she's "been cheated on in every relationship" she's ever had. And in the season preview, she was shown crying and saying, "I will forever live with that regret." It certainly looks, as of episode 1, that she may be referring to the regret of choosing Trevor over Ryan.
This show isn't the first time Trevor's other relationships have been a reality TV storyline. When he competed on American Idol in 2018, it was a running joke that judge Katy Perry had a crush on him, and that he had a crush on her — even though he was in a relationship at the time.
"Katy, I'm watching you" his then-girlfriend Sierra Nielsen called from the audience during one of Trevor's performances. When Trevor explained that the heckler was his girlfriend, Katy Perry joked, "Well, it's not your fiancé, so…" 
The little love triangle jokes were all in good fun at the time. Nielsen even said during an interview with Good Morning America that it didn't bother her that Trevor was singing for his celebrity crush. "I was fully supportive of it. We all have celebrity crushes," she said. "We even laughed about it and I told her we could share him."
That was two years ago now, so it's not even clear which of Trevor's exes Natascha was talking about when she confronted him. But it is clear that Natascha doesn't trust him, and she's concerned about Jamie getting too close to him. So much for Jamie being on cloud nine.
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